Lasermice from So KANNO on Vimeo.



“Lasermice” is a swarm robotic installation that consists of 60 small robots, which inspired by synchronous behavior from insects like fireflies. Normally network of swarm is invisible, But in this case those robots creates visible network via laser light – photodetector communication. As a result, they generates rythme that continuously changing. The generated rhythm is made audible by solenoid which strikes floor. Combination of visible network and audible rhythm are deployed spatially.
Most of the time, this kind of multiple device system is only connected to single control system. Contrary the system of this project, each device is communicating each other. Thus, the synchronization is not a thing that controlled, but emerged. This kind of system is called swarm intelligence which was found and researched by observation on animals which flocks such as birds, fish, bees and ants. Humans are listening to chorus of frogs or bell cricket, watching flocking thousands of birds. because we feel it’ s beautiful. I was questioning “Is that possible to make such a thing, something worth to see like natural phenomena, but artificial.”
This project is about making artificial natural phenomena. Moreover not just mimicking algorithm, make up my own one, to pursue expression.


Each robot has same loop time length. With this interval, each of them emits laser light and hits the floor by solenoid in same time. When the light sensor detects laser light, (it means being shot laser from other robot, ) Solenoid and laser works at this moment, and restart the loop. This is how chain reaction happens, and this is the algorithm to generate rhythm that continuously changes. Sometime rhythm to synchronise, sometime go apart, due to parameters such as density, position, sensitivity of light detector, speed of motor and time length of emission of laser light. The rhythm generated by network and laser is made audible with solenoid which strikes floor, and deployed spatially.

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